a film by Juan delGado and Khaled Alesmael

Following a refugee from Damascus in search for answers to his new identity in Sweden, In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun, explores displacement, global warming and belonging on a journey through the vast landscape of the Arctic. Khaled Alesmael meets others along the way – a Sami musician, a healer, a female miner, a scientist – who, like him, are looking, listening and learning as the world around us all begins to shift.

“We are probably incapable of filling emptiness, and what we call meaning is no more than a fleeting collection of images that once seemed harmonious, images on which the intelligence tried in panic to introduce reason, order, coherence.”

From The Stone Raft by José Saramago

We are moving, drifting…where to? This journey into the unknown, that place which allows me to enquire, to search the very essential sentiment underlying this white surface.

“They stripped me of my sword as a warrior
my pen as a poet
my brush as a painter
and my guitar as a gypsy.
On my way to the grave
they returned to me my belongings.
So what can I say to them
more than the violin says to the storm.”

Mohammed Al-Maghout